Hi, I’m Joshua Davis 👋🏾

I build things. I’ve been known to do some software engineering.

Writing CSS, JavaScript and semantic HTML for apps that delight users is my passion. I’ll also write Go, Node.js, PHP and SQL if it serves those goals.

Currently I’m working at Neeva, leading the frontend development for neeva.xyz. We’re building a service that puts users first while making the web more useful.

In the past I’ve worked at Zorroa, where I helped make machine learning technology accessible across the enterprise. Prior to that I worked at Issuu where I helped empower small and medium sized publishers to share, monetize and create content.


If I’m not coding, I might be found trying to relay the way a particular moment made me feel with my camera.


I used to write more, but now all I can reliably crank out is about 280 words on Twitter. Here’s some of what I’ve been thinking lately.

Quick Facts


The fastest way to reach me is by sending a DM on Twitter or LinkedIn.